June 7th, 2013

windows ivy gravestone

Five Happiness

And I don't mean the Chinese restaurant in New Orleans. This is day five of blairmacg's 30 day blog challenge, which means the question is five things that make you happy. Things that make me un-happy would be much easier (and more than five), but here goes:

* Writing, when I'm free to do so, and when I'm not feeling stressed about output (not as often as I like, unfortunately)
* Being around writers and talking about writing (which is why I went to PL3 and why I'm going to 4th Street Fantasy)
* Doing things with my spouse and kids, particularly when none of us are tired and/or hungry
* Reading a good book
* Looking at (or listening to) beautiful things
* Seeing something I created work the way I wanted it to- whether that's a piece of writing or a piece of code, it's a wonderful feeling

That's Six Happiness, not Five, but that's fine. Means I won't be hankering after Chinese food tonight.