spaceintheway (spaceintheway) wrote,

More Choices

Since I have to stay up anyway to take my anti-shingles meds, here's some hard choices for my characters:

* Fractures- Returning home to a mining colony after the war instead of staying near his hero friends in a more populous station.
* Genie- Admitting that she'd gotten herself into a bad relationship, and no amount of make-the-best-of-it attitude was going to really make it any better.
* Cypress & Eliza- Deciding that they were going to go underground instead of complying with the superhero monitoring rules.
* Micky- Recognizing that even if she doesn't change (long story) other people do, and if she wants to keep her closest friends she needs to change and grow along with them.
* Pete- Leaving his critically ill best friend behind so he could follow his education/career path.
Tags: 30-day-challenge

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